Objects and creatures in nature interact with each other. Before the creation of the work, it gets associated with the object that is nature. In this context, as Albrecht Dürer says: ‘Truly, art is em- bedded in nature; he who can extract it, has it.’ Extracting from nature and transferring it on to otherplanes is only possible through art and this is what Ayşe Bezenmiş aims to achieve. Her works are the re ection of what has been extracted from nature. In other words, they are the mental af rma-tions of the visible world.

Producing works with extraordinary patterns, the artist has created compositions withimaginary concepts. She often uses images of animals such as turtles, zebras, giraffes and various animal skeletons are quite visible in her works. Animal images are formed by the rational situations that the gures are attached to. Besides, Bezenmiş who changes the general structure of the gures, mutates and plays with the forms. The general structure of the gure is the re ection of the mental process that the artist is going through. The viewer confronts with the facts of this mentalprocess through their journey with the work.