Berk Güntürk

As an artist with a deep appreciation for the rich artistic heritage of the past, I find myself drawn to the transcendent power and emotive qualities found in religious art and the Baroque period. Through my artistic practice, I strive to capture the essence and humanity of modern marginalized individuals, elevating them to a place of significance and reverence reminiscent of old religious icons.

My work explores the intersection between the sacred and the secular, shedding light on often-overlooked individuals on society’s fringes. Drawing inspiration from the masterpieces of religious art, I seek to imbue my portraits with a sense of spiritual resonance and symbolic depth. By employing the language of the Baroque, with its dramatic lighting, theatrical compositions, and intricate details, I aim to create an atmosphere that heightens the emotional impact of each portrait.

Ultimately, my art seeks to honor the inherent worth and beauty found within every individual, regardless of their social status or circumstances. By merging the aesthetics of religious art and the Baroque with contemporary portraiture, I hope to transcend the boundaries of time and culture, offering a glimpse into the souls of those who are often marginalized and celebrating their profound humanity in the process.