Merve Denizci

The Unspoken

May 07 - May 30, 2015

Merve Denizci’s first solo show named “The Unspoken” aims to make viewers feel the suspicion and the beauty at the same time. The artist reinterprets the images she has been collecting from different times and places since 2011 in a shared space; the serenity in the compositions attracts the viewer while the tension of the images leave him/her trembled. The tranquil atmosphere and colors, the mysteriously slaughtered animal figures form a breaking point in the works.

Due to their contexts, Denizci’s works leave the viewers with so many questions. The neutral facial expressions of the little girls placed in the old and traditional rooms put a space between the idea of aggrieved and guilt; and this distance strengthens the ambiguity of the works in general.

The video works, which the artist has been working on since 2014 are exhibited in the show. The peaceful settings of the paintings are dominant in the videos as well.
The animated surfaces with a single image slowly moving put the paintings in motion without detaching them from temporality.

Awarded at the Siemens Art’s “Borders Orbits” Competition (2014) and became one of the finalists at the “Jeunes Artistes Contemporains de Turquie Nouvelle Generation” (2015) organized by Cite Internationale des Arts Paris and St. Pucherie, Merve Denizci is opening her first solo show at C.A.M. Gallery. “The Unspoken” can be viewed at C.A.M. Gallery between the dates 7 – 30 May.