Jochen Proehl

The Single Records / Aegean Memories

16.09 - 31.10.2021

While working on large-format painting series, on the anatomy of architecture and urban structures as well as the anatomy of landscape and of earth, Jochen Proehl repeatedly isolated individual aspects and translated them into small-format paintings – just as musicians, when they release an album, release one or two pieces as singles records.

Proehl therefore calls these works his Single Records.

The pandemic confined the artist to a small space to work at for a long time. In seclusion the artist was limited to these small formats. During this time, the work on these small canvases took on a life of its own and itself became a main format.

To his main topics, the anatomy of earth and architecture, came spontaneous impressions and ideas, new themes but also memories of landscapes that were inaccessible during the pandemic….

The exhibition Single Records | Aegen Memories shows a selection from this creative period and presents the Single Records for the first time as an independent group of works.