Tevfİk çelebİ

It has always been more important to me to deal with the material itself rather than the form or any subject. Firstly, I want to understand the language of the material; work with various materials and see variant outcomes. The adventure of understanding the material and seeking different forms start to compose its own story and characters. Everything we see around us, the curved, the straight ones, zeros, hard and soft ones, all these opposites and diversities constitute life’s itself. Despite this diversity, we are in harmony and wish even though they are different from each other we want that the colours and forms to be in harmony too.

Indefinable and meaningless could be favorable phenomenon that can be viewed from such a point that stays undefined, but can bear emotions. It is extremely exciting that various emotions can unite at one single point. This is what I try to catch in my work; undefinable, exciting and provoking moments.