Cemal Gürsel Soyel – Hakan Çınar


November 2 - December 2, 2017

A painter and a sculptor are in the exhibition ‘Sublime’. Both of them are separating layers of subconscious and meet with audience with their works in different abstracts and figurative visuals with different materials and techniques.

Cemal Gürsel Soyel’s abstract compositions, both poetic and aggressive in nature, remove deeper layers by removing part of the paint from the surface, with surface scraping and drawing actions. He adds a visual power to his works with dazzling, splashing, form and streaking coincidence games.

Hakan Çınar is looking for what he said in his sculptures through the body of this past, who thinks, sees, hears but forgets at the same time, shows the illusion as real and changes the shape. In sculpture practice, where the intergenerational transfer prefers to emphasize moments, emotions and situations in the field, it is often the result of a cramped order and a search for a closed form.