Group Exhibition

Murat Durusoy, Neslihan Başer, Yusuf Aygeç, Merve Denizci, Furkan “Nuka” Birgün, Merve Akyel, Kenneth Rivero, Peter Hristoff, Zeynep Solakoğlu, Jennifer İpekel, Ayşe Öykü

START ‘Art within Reach’ vol. 2

June 5 - July 19, 2014

START “Art within Reach”, which we organized the initial one same time last year and received great reactions, aims to make art more reachable through the works of young artists from various disciplines. Works, selected between a certain price range, strive to break the taboos on how art is ‘unreachable’ and ‘niche’. We wish to organize START every year since it is a great way to welcome summer with dynamic and impressive works.