Oğuz Kaleli


04.03 - 01.04.2023

In this exhibition, titled “Solitude,” the artist refers to “today’s difficulties” by reflecting on the past and establishing a connection with the future. The relationship between the figure and the spaces they exist in is created by the association with the surrounding constructed forms. In certain works, the theme of disappearance conversely aims to convey a sense of emergence. The artist references his personal experience, based on natural and temporal events such as “the balance in the sky” which we sometimes cannot even experience with our senses; the formations under the ground; the effects of humans on nature; uncontrolled factors such as urbanization. With each construction he uses as a line of data representing the movements of natural and artificial formations; in the visual rhythm formed by using this data, he conveys the connection of the present with the future…and Kaleli pursues the search for a future existence deploying people in these transmissions.