Ayşe Bezenmiş, Sidar Baki, Murat Durusoy, Seldem Kargı, Oğuz Kaleli, Amar Kılıç, Dieter Mammel, Nunzio Paci, Yavuz Tanyeli


06.06 - 27.07.2024

The exhibition, which will take place at C.A.M. Gallery between the dates of June 6th and July 27th, will showcase artworks from artists who have been presented to the audience in both personal and group exhibitions in previous seasons, across different disciplines. In the exhibition, bearing the traces of summer, artworks by Yavuz Tanyeli,  Sidar Baki, Ayşe Bezenmiş, Dieter Mammel, Seldem Kargı, Murat Durusoy, Amar Kılıç, Oğuz Kaleli, and Nunzio Paci can be viewed.