Serdar Kaynak

Serdar Kaynak; especially working subjects in his productions, touched on the elements duality, quandary and also dual balance. in most of his work and the practices what he creates, we can see that matter remains true to its nature, transforming it from imaginary facts into objective truths without forcing them.

Structured the form approach of him productions in this direction tried to create the balance of contrast in nature and the universe as a complementary element.

Believing that duality is in all areas of life, he formally questioned the dilemma balance in terms of contrast. In essence, he shaped the contrast in form and content in terms of the meanings contained in the subjects he worked on internally with an emotional approach that could create contradiction in terms of context. Most of his productions can be interpreted as productions where a strong understanding of form is at the forefront. The names he gave to his works among the subjects he worked on, saying that art is the experiments of change and transformation affected by the continuity of life, are the clues of both his inner world and his stance in life. In line with the contrasts the artist deals with, the subject integrity can be understood as a movement and commitment that brings the flow to each other into the agenda, a dilemma of separation. He emphasizes the importance and accuracy of the development that always stands on the ground, saying that he should always win art with his mindset that cares about experimental actions within the limitlessness of new searches and practices that will add immanence to his productions. argues that the development that the artist can show without repeating should be divided into periods in terms of production in order to develop art as a language and expression.

The process of art is an expression of endless search, affected by the continuity of life in the image dimension. change experienced in the inner and outer movements of the individual reflects the necessity of suffering to the outside world as an action and a sieve. art is an experiment of change affected by continuity of life. As long as the meaning of time and life of man changes, art will continue its life and change as a force that is stuck in the black hole of all known and unknown facts.