Yusuf Aygeç & Furkan Nuka Birgün

Sensing Through My Nose

November 27 - December 21, 2014

Yusuf Aygeç’s and Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün’s paths initially crossed in 2007 while they were drawing at the Archeology Museum of Istanbul. For nearly one year, they worked together on drawings. For the following four years, Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün concentrated on graffiti and illustration while Yusuf Aygeç focused on painting, sculpture and printing. In time, their paths crossed again. During conversations on art, the idea of working collaboratively developed. Their process of collaborative creation reignited at that time. “Sensing Through My Nose” is formed through a universal, shared feeling. This concept forged the two artists from distant disciplines to work closely together. Yusuf and Furkan represent their worlds by using a common language on their canvases, which they compose similarly to playing cards. Both the contrary and supplementary features of a playing card are joined for the viewer in the “Sensing Through My Nose” series. While they share the complex and often intricate picture plane, both artists are able to convey their unique creative aesthetic. Yusuf Aygec and Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün explain their artistic process as a team: “Our memories sleep in our minds and when they are somehow awakened, we can smell and feel them and even become happy. We have chosen to dedicate a ‘smell’ to the memory of a young boy playing marbles in a field next to his home. When he grows up and visits the same field, he reminisces about the feelings of his childhood through this ‘smell’. This, in our joint opinion, is how we ‘completely’ sense; how we remember and feel joy through this experience.” “Sensing Through My Nose” delivers the smell, music, style and heroes of a certain era to the viewer. This exhibition can be viewed 27 November – 21 December at C.A.M. Gallery.