Prosthetic Memory

February 6 - February 28, 2014

To see the secret of life and to create it are the essentials for the fetus (a theme in Cenin’s work). Her world is based on the domination of intuition. Cenin is located where the material world and the hidden world “meet”. Cenin perceives art as a means of establishing contact with extrasensory, postmortem and prenatal perception. Since the beginning of her adventure in the world, Cenin has stated the experiences by using different symbols as an ancient entity. Each of these common symbols which belong to the universal heritage and are stored in the unconscious/extrasensory perception, are mental echos, signals and suggestions. In fact while she is searching for the lost heaven in the universe, Cenin becomes a guide in the place of implicit meanings leading to a hidden world.

In her first solo exhibition entitled Prosthetic Memory, Cenin reveals the need for self-healing through universal archetypes, symbols, subliminal messages, forms, colors, meshed with her personal – complex – iconographic – visual vocabulary.