Group Exhibition

Dieter Mammel, Mahmut Celayir, Murat Durusoy, Neslihan Başer, Serkan Yüksel, Sinem Yıldırım, Yusuf Aygeç

Pastoral Dialogues II

November 17 - December 31, 2016

C.A.M. Gallery is organising a group exhibition featuring artists who narrate the untouchable enigma, power and motion of the earth and the nature through different mediums this fall. While Celayir paints the variety of form and colors of the plants inside a cycle of a cosmic movement, Murat Durusoy documents the struggles of pillaged cities against the nature with his photographs,

Neslihan Başer conveys the human versus nature relations with her work made of fabrics and embroidery, while Yusuf Aygeç presents his search of paradise lost through his designs and destroyed canvases to the viewers. Serkan Yüksel manifests his criticism by equating modern day human livings conditions to animals through paper cut out paintings, Dieter Mammel conveys the motion of human body and its harmony with nature using ink on raw canvas through a plain language, Sinem Yıldırım showcases her portrayal of postmodern heaven where eternal pleasure is objectified through her paintings.