Elçin Acun | Yiğit Balatacı | Berk Güntürk Gülfem Kessler | Matt Lifson

Out of Action

14. 09 28. 10.2023

We envision a more hopeful world, challenging societal norms, with the exhibition titled ‘Out of Action’

on display at C.A.M. Gallery from September 14th to October 28th. We designed this exhibition

to highlight that individuals suppressed by society have reclaimed their own spaces, freely expressing

all aspects of their existence. We harness the power of art to create a space that inspires hope

and provides insight into the stories, experiences, and emotions of artists as they narrate through

their artworks.

The exhibition becomes a platform where different art disciplines converge, emphasizing themes

of diversity, acceptance, love, and respect. It offers a window into the artistic journeys of individuals

striving to exist in society and provides viewers with an opportunity to question their beliefs, deepen

emotional connections, and celebrate differences.

With this exhibition designed to inspire hope and inspiration within society, we aim to open a window

into the individual existence of artists, envisioning that we have taken an important step in supporting

the rights and existence of suppressed individuals.