Sidar Baki


March 7, – April 7, 2019

In his works the artist tries to voice his interaction with his environment and circumstances and states that his topics are shaped by the events he encountered after he became a teacher. Baki who likes to paint the effects his environment has on him, expresses himself by placing people in this environment.

He brings the children to the spotlights from within the congested, restrictive, chaotic, reinforced concrete and insulating spaces. These children who are playing on their own are separated from the environment.

Even though the image that is established between the spaces and the children is actually a child on his/her own, a reference is made to the human being who is lonely, stationary, lost and abandoned.

«The conditions and situations that make up my work environment and the problems faced by children in many parts of the world lay the foregrounds for my paintings. Since, both these children and my students play a major role in my paintings. As they became a part of my life they became a part of my paintings too. I can say that watching my students painting, sharing their excitement with them, having limited opportunities, playgrounds taken from their hands, concreteization, degradation but the mentality of still being a child who resists all this deeply affects me. Observing the children focus their energies towards painting and the joy in their eyes when they see what they have created is admirable. What more is that they accomplish this despite their environment. The polluted outer world became a part of my paintings as; the unreliable, sometimes bleak, sometimes doomed place. These children who disregard these uncanny places play their games with all their purity, they continue to do their paintings, and maybe they even take shelter in these places. These places, where movement, work and all kinds of precession are present, leave their place to a deep silence in the paintings and the painting becomes a picture of everywhere and nowhere.»