melİke kılıç

As artistic form of expression, Melike Kılıç prefers for many years the discipline of drawing, because she likes its simplicity, which helps her telling stories in an effective way. At the same time, her work is never illustrative or didactic due to its fragmental and collage-like syntax, where she creates next to drawings on paper, paper-cut-out assemblages and object-like 3-D drawings. Her beautiful play with lines, forms and figures is also always characterized by beauty and poetry. Without any melodrama or emotional overweight, she manages to impress the spectators, and touch  their heart as well as their soul. The delicate lines and textures, as well as the nice treatment of figuration, which shifts between representation and deformation, gives the works the power to tell stories without becoming one-dimensional. The scenarios are always mysterious, so that the spectator has to become an active part in decoding the story. 

Besides poetry, criticism as well as socio-political dimensions can be found in her work. That is why the beauty of the drawings is never shallow but rather the transmitter for communicating the ideas behind the pieces. The troubled relationship between human and the world, illustrated by a traumatic experience of nature, and its forces sets-up the current conceptual framework.

Marcus Graf