Yusuf Aygeç

Me Alone, You All!

June 21 - July 25, 2018

Yusuf Aygeç’s second solo show in C.A.M. Gallery «Me Alone, You All!» can be seen as a self-confrontation adventure instead of challenge.

At Aygeç’s rst exhibition «B.C. Pop Art» in 2013 he applied manupulation and his own narratives to work of art we already know in our memories done by master artists. At his paintings he made ironic bounds between today and the completion date of the master pieces. In this exhibition, the common memory was replaced by the artist’s iner world and emotions and stories that occure from this sincerity.

The artist questions the rutines, and descend to the depths of subconscious, manifactured fears, imposed rules, beliefs and how the fairy tales processed in our memory when we heard them as children. The viewer, through the collective memory, could find a similarity from his own personal history and might start a self- confrontation.

The artist tries to point out / demonstrate the difference between how «the heart» gets into shape when it was squeezed within the rules and when it feels free. He have also imprisoned the fears derived form nature to the nature itself.