Figen Cebe

Je Vois Rouge / I See Red

February 2 - February 28, 2016

Figen Cebe’s third personal exhibition in C.A.M. Gallery «Je vois rouge» consists of paintings she created following «Voir Rouge»* expression in french. Even though the majority of the paintings seem to be done in red and black,darker tones are obtained with various colour mixes discovered by the artists. As her previous paintings, the works in this exhibition are monochromatic; the artist does not stray from her quiet and one colour compositions. Light, time and movement are the three main themes Cebe focuses on.

The artist finds the main elements of her paintings spontaneously while creating the works in series. The paintings that connect to each other in terms of story, turns into series reflecting her ever changing psychology through time. The images at the source of the paintings change as well during this process and go beyond the first projections in the artists mind. All that is left to the artist in this mental and psychological journey is to decide where to stop.

While Figen Cebe’s clock pieces and previous paintings about time evolve into images of wheels; they have turned into a great big series with a strong symbolism that will last through the years. The wheels have always continued turning for Cebe; the wheels added to the other features and symbols in “Je vois rouge” exhibition are some of the strongest images she created.

In addition to seeing the paintings in this series as a safe haven from the unfortunate events taking place in Turkey and throughout the world, the artist wants to run away from the mankind who is possessed with ugliness, wars, hate and damaging the nature while it is so easy to surrender to beauty, peace and love.