Berk Güntürk

Horror Vacui

04.05. - 02.06.2024

C.A.M Gallery will host Berk Güntürk’s first solo exhibition in Istanbul in May, titled “Horror Vacui.”

The exhibition focuses on the fear of emptiness, inviting viewers on a profound inner journey. It aims to explore
existential fears and emotional voids that lie within emptiness. The works featured in the exhibition delve into different themes of fear such as loneliness, rejection, insomnia, helplessness, and loss of faith, offering a deep experience of the concerns created by the absence in the human psyche. We see how today’s individuals change and transform in these meticulously crafted compositions, reflecting on contemporary culture against the backdrop of art history.

Berk Güntürk, who comes from a Russian-Turkish family, draws heavily from his cosmopolitan culture in his works.
He captures a contemporary language by associating his figures’ postures and the objects in the composition with
both the present day and art history.

The exhibition will be on display at C.A.M. Gallery from May 4th to June 2nd, 2024.