Cem Turgay

Hindered Time

November 8 - December 8, 2012

“me; Cem Turgay

That I know: A photographer’s son. Talks a little. A good listener. I don’t know how he enjoys the preparation phase of photography. Does he fictionalize or does he prepare in advance? He doesn’t care about the world at the time of act of photographing. As it is his most comfortable time. The whole magic is the arrival time of the photography from the raw state to its golden final phase. I didn’t see it, I don’t know; but his finished “works” says this. He likes playing with photography. His photos are gloomy, dark, and dramatic penetrative. İf I said dark it is to appreciate the light. If he was a painter, he would draw like Caravagio. He loves taking photos of water and cloud. I think he is a lover of light, a light hunter who set a trap to darkness. Something that nobody is influenced while passing through but only he… Weak / ugly, but everything that is attractive…”

You can visit the exhibition from October 8th through December 8th 2012 in C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler…