Peter Hristoff


October 23 - November 23, 2014

C.A.M. Gallery is pleased to present “Heroes”, an exhibition of recent work by Istanbul born fine artist Peter Hristoff. Opening October 23, 2014, the exhibition is loosely inspired by the themes found in Homer’s “Odyssey” – homecoming, identity, exile and disguise. Combing references from Classical antiquity, current events, popular and military culture, the artist asks the question: “Who are our Heroes?”. Hristoff will be showing recent paintings, works on paper and rugs. The artist has prepared the following statement about his work:

“My recent works are constructed similarly to a theatrical set. The narrative I am implying is the play, the picture plane is the stage. It is a surface on which various characters interact—appear, disappear and reappear—to reveal the subjects and ideas I am interested in: identity, ego, power, archetypes, religion, violence. The techniques I use to construct these images are methodical and time consuming. References are from live models, museum and art historical studies and popular culture. The phallo-centricity of the work both celebrates and ridicules the male ego. Images of classical Greco-Roman sculptures symbolize veterans of battles; silhouetted Porn stars with missing limbs replicate the statues of ancient heroes. I am interested in (and disheartened by) current events that repeat frightening historic scenarios. I will often pose live models and have them act-out the themes I am investigating. Photographs and drawings from these sessions are then translated into the stencils I carefully layer. Like the artistic predecessors I admire most, I am trying to make sense of this mortal coil, this slippery voyage we are on, together and alone.”

Peter Hristoff is a faculty member of New York’s School of Visual Arts; he is an advisor to “Priene Hali”, a weaving workshop in the Meandros Valley of Turkey that helps empower local women. The artist has been exhibiting since the mid 1980’s and his work is in numerous public and private collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Peter Hristoff is exclusively represented by C.A.M. Gallery, Istanbul.