Ayşe Bezenmiş | Leo Ferdinando Demetz

Here Fairytales...

23.05 - 24.06.2023

The exhibition “Here Fairytales…” highlights that fairy tales are not merely simple stories for children, but also carry a profound meaning regarding current issues. The exhibition takes us beyond the magical world of fairy tales and offers a more questioning perspective. Ayşe Bezenmiş and Leo Ferdinando Demetz, two talented artists from different artistic disciplines, approach contemporary events with a satirical and questioning viewpoint in their collaborative exhibition “Here Fairytales…”

Ayşe Bezenmiş’s black and white pencil artworks reflect the surface appearance of innocence and fragility, while also carrying a restless and rebellious expression. Using female figures from fairy tales in her drawings, Bezenmiş draws attention to contemporary societal, political, and social issues and merges the world of fairy tales with present-day reality in a critical approach. Although the figures in the artist’s works may seem vulnerable like puppets, their expressions project a self-assured and rebellious aura. This contrast allows everyone to find a piece of themselves in the women portrayed by the artist.

Leo Ferdinando Demetz, on the other hand, brings fairy tale characters to life with sculptures made from lime trees. While Demetz’s sculptures draw inspiration from the fantastical world of fairy tales, they also carry a profound meaning related to the complex reality of our time. Through his sculptures, Demetz reminds the viewers that fairy tales are not merely simple stories for children, but hold deep messages behind them, inviting them to explore the depths of these tales.

Fairy tales play a significant role in preparing children for life. Although life doesn’t always have happy endings, fairy tales lay the foundation for perceptions such as the reward of the good and the punishment of the bad. The artist symbolically expresses the conflicts we experience in our lives through sculptures. For example, the reaction Pinocchio shows as his nose grows or the hope of salvation conveyed through the crown and rose symbols of Sleeping Beauty.

In our world, which is becoming increasingly harsh with each passing day, grappling with pandemics, economic crises, global warming, hunger, and wars, people seek refuge in art, remembering their past values and establishing a connection with them. Both artists provide the audience with mischievous contemplation through snapshots taken from this fairy tale world, allowing them to engage in a questioning journey.