Neslihan Başer

Heard By Heart

April 7 - April 30, 2016

Neslihan Başer’s second solo exhibition in C.A.M. Gallery «Heard by Heart» is addressing, the relationship between nature, women and the notion of belongingness in a romantic and melancholic manner.

The artist intensi es her previous production through embroderies which have different texture that she manifactures with sewing machine and her own handwork. Thus, the artist adds on her works a different dimention from a technical perspective. Başer refers to human gure which positioned itself alone within the nature through a female character that literally steeped to its natural habitat between color swatches similar to 19th century’s romantic movement’s paintings. Contextually, the artist tries to move toward an enigmatic depth.

As a result of its inner confrontation, women who is aware that she is one with the nature, transforms the fear and concerns into her heart to a liberating solitude. In Başer’s paintings, intensively woven, intertwined embroidery and yarns symbolize the effort of feelings and thoughts to dominate over each other.