Serdar Kaynak



 Serdar Kaynak’s solo show ‘Grueling’ opening at C.A.M. Gallery on March 5th, focuses on natural nests like abandoned habitats, associating the human body with the ecosystem, human’s struggle to protect nature, and their effort to integrate with nature.

In this exhibition, the artist deals with bees’ honeycomb form, which already exists in nature, with a structural approach aimed at fictions created by ecological destruction and devastation.

“An environmentalist resistance for the right to life of all should be a vital necessity. If ecological destruction is procreated in nature, human rights to live will also be endangered”, says Kaynak. At the same time, denoting this exhibition is the respect to the sensitive and honorable people’s struggle standing against ecological devastation to prevent rent-seeking probabilities for habitats that have been vanished or destroyed.

We do not want the ecosystem to be defeated by the ‘ego-system.’ 

In the exhibition the artist is constructing almost all the works on wire structure, while working with materials like organic supplies, paper, copper, metal, stone, ready made, heat treatment colors; another feature that attracts attention in the context of immanence with the theme the artists cling to the nature of each material and uses them without ruining their identity.

While the formal construction of the artworks taking part in the exhibition, the fact that their shadows wander into their own body/space reminds the relation the nature founds with the sunlight; this context refers to the fact that when the ecological system breaks down, all-natural life will be destroyed also.