Ayşe Bezenmiş

Golden Age

April 8 - May 15, 2017

C.A.M. Gallery will host Ayşe Bezenmiş’s second personal exhibition “Golden Age” in April.

The artist’s figures are the expression of another world. It is the reflection of the naive and the supernatural and the subconscious in the figure. In this context, consciousness is seen in the pure elegance figures of gold. Objects and creatures in the world are in interaction with each other. Before the creation, the object is associated with the object, that is, nature. In this context, Albert Dürer said: “Art is really in the nature, and if anyone takes it away from nature, it will have it.” It is through art to tear it off from nature and transfer it to other planes. The images of the Bezenmiş are also a heap of acquired images in this way. It is the mental reflection of what has been cut off from nature. It is the mental affirmation of the world that appears.

Producing works out of the usual pattern, the artist has created compositions that combine unreasonable concepts in her designs. She often uses animal images in her pictures. In this context, turtles, zebras, giraffes and various animal skeletons are quite visible in the artist’s designs. It is the shaping of the mental state in which the animal imagery figures are located. Besides, Bezenmiş, who plays also with the general structure of the figures, differentiates the forms and transforms them into different forms. In other words, the general structure of the figures reflects the mental process of the artist. The audience is confronted with the facts of this mental process.