Nermin Ülker

From My Window

December 20, 2012 - February 1, 2013

« When my family was in unity we were sleeping in open windows, when integrity break down my windows have began to close. I entered a period knitted with iron bars where the windows are painted in gray. Perhaps because of this I began to describe the life over the windows.”

Nermin Ülker overlaps the space problem of the existence of sculpture that she studied carefully during her education period, with the facts of her own life. She is trying to define by corners, the big and small (micro-macro) fascisms that she experienced in life, in hospital, at school, at work, in street, in the country and with her boyfriends…

In this exhibition, the lines, plans and spaces are taken their references from the tensions of Nermin Ulker’s life. The windows of Nermin Ulker by their materials and shapes envisage a rigid world. The windows came into existence to protect her private, warm, circular, classical world. The artist found absolute similarities since her childhood between the window and home. She looks after and protects these objects but at the same time by considering them big obstacles she attempts to change them. We observe the revenges of Nermin Ülker’s inner world and her efforts to sublimate them with colors, forms and materials in her first individual exhibition called “By my window”.