Group Exhibition

Betül Güney, Cenin (Burcu Çorbacı) and Ceyda Aldemir Pancar


June 7 - July 12, 2012

In each work -which are especially created for this exhibition, in different artistic tastes- an idiosyncratic power, energy and quality is accented with the word fresh while referring to the new one.

The elements in Betül Güney’s works are deconstructed by being detached from reality and then take their part in surface of the painting with a new aesthetic construction.
Cenin’s paintings unearths the messages from her own subconscious through her personal – complex- iconographic – visual repertory coalesced with universal archetypes, symbols, subliminal messages, forms and colors. Symbols are not only recreating her subconscious memories and concerns that belong to babyhood but also open the door to a reality which did not exist until now.

Desire and craving for the retro of today’s people is transferred to canvas through Ceyda Aldemir P.’s “Retro Babies” triad. By the inspiration of clothing style of 50’s and 60’s, painting today’s women with accessories connects the past and today and approaches the old to the new.