Oğuz Kaleli


04.03 -04.04 2021

 Oğuz Kaleli transforms diverse line forms into specific structures and reflects them on canvas. His first solo show in Istanbul, Exit, can be seen at C.A.M. Gallery between March 4th – April 4th 2021.

Kaleli creates his lines taking inspiration from multi-layered forms of bamboo, wood, and old construction bars, with the effect of rhythm created by the feeling of ordered complexity. The artist reflects these compositions residing in his mind with a meticulous style in his painting. Dealing with architectural construction and abstract forms, Kaleli builds the theme of his work in the context of the relationship between figure and space.

Combining a realistic painting manner with spaces creating sometimes dystopian impressions, Kaleli approaches objects with a technicality reflective of medical surgery, which also depicts a sort of social criticism. Within the order of the complexity of constructions, Kaleli makes the viewer feel contrasting emotions and also a nod to romantic idealism.

Kaleli describes the elements characterizing his paintings in this way: “With my linear manner of working–displaying my way of seeing the phenomenon, I’m trying to reflect the processes of the orientation of humans to ancient and new architectural constructions built with wood and iron. As present-day building constructions have become more intensive, our daily lives are affected, impacting the way we carry out our duties and responsibilities. Thus, I’m working on this series as a witness, observing that the manpower is being altered by such ongoing, ubiquitous construction projects. In the compositions of my work placing humans into the constructions and relating with architectural structures that impress me, I’m searching for an exit in order to leave the chaos.”

Oğuz Kaleli, tearing away the objects from their objective forms while building his paintings, each painting also can be considered a new experiment relating to reality, reflecting a timeless understanding while also questioning existential rules imposed by authority.