Group Exhibition

Ayşe Bezenmiş - Dieter Mammel – Mustafa Özbakır - Neslihan Başer - Nihal Martlı - Rugül Serbest - Sevgi Taner Avcı

Ever to my Soul

Group Exhibition March 8 - April 8, 2018

This exhibition tries to get the consideration once again to the woman who was oppressed,  raped, violently murdered and who tried to struggle to exist outside the patterns had been installed on her yet try to being. One of the ways that women can express themselves in societies where gender differences are underlined and the concept of ‘human’ is considered in terms of man qualitatively is Art. The difficulties of being able to exist as a female individual are among those issues that the exhibition tries to underline, despite the impact of the body, the soul is strengthened and resisted and never abandoned…