Nejat Türkmen

Dialectic of The Wall

December 14, 2012 - January 31, 2013

C.A.M Gallery hosts “Dialectic of the Wall”, an exhibition by Nejat Türkmen, from Dec. 14th 2012 through Jan. 31st 2013.

For centuries humanity built lots of wall: either to protect their life, their culture, and their religion; either to separate peoples, nations, for othering or to restrict freedoms. Nejat Türkmen wants to document the walls proven any physical obstacle cannot be long lasting and durable to protect a people or nation or to separate them on his photographs with his artistic sensibility. In history, these glorious murs disclosing social distinctions produce in time, their opposites. That’s one of the issues that Türkmen wants to cite on his photographs: the situation of to be in permenant conflict of the people who live in disharmony in society. And these reflections of this conflict on the walls with colors and figures are indispensable for Turkmen’s objectif. We can find the reflection of this mutations and transformations on the walls in the exhibition of “Dialectic of the wall”