Dieter Mammel


November 11 - December 12, 2015

Dieter Mammel’s Boys hold their own in a world of water, the element of their origin. He paints them with watercolors
on wet canvas. They jump into the water, bravely displaying their half-naked upper torsos or observing from their
perch on the diving board. Watching them in their games or observing the gestures leading to adulthood, we delve into
the world of children and the world of boyhood.
The Boys remind us of our roots, of life’s primordial ooze, as primal and simple as Dieter Mammel’s painting:
Always reduced to two basic colors, usually allowing the ground, the unadulterated canvas, to show through.
Upon closer observation we see a sea of spots, an abstraction, pure painting made up of colored drops of water.