Sidar Baki

I wish I Could Become a Bird and Fly

07.03. - 20.04.2024

C.A.M Gallery will host Sidar Baki’s third solo exhibition titled “I Wish I Could Become a Bird and Fly” between March 7th and April 20th.

In Sidar Baki’s latest exhibition, our attention is drawn to abandoned spaces and children who have withdrawn into their own worlds, estranged from their surroundings. Furthermore, a misconnection is observed between the qualities of “being human” and the power dynamics of the production and consumption system… In his paintings, while ironically showcasing conflicts between “childlike innocence and simplicity” and “indicators of power,” he utilizes child metaphors. These paintings emphasize how the qualities of “innocence and simplicity” inherent in child metaphors are suppressed, thereby each child is confined within narrow spheres of relationships.


The exhibition can be viewed at C.A.M. Gallery until April 21st.