Structural Motions

Let’s start with imagining a little space in memory of the concrete, which envelops the iron. A gap, which is also a membrane for itself into the concrete block that gradually, starts to curdle. Let’s think to relationship that this gap can establish with the future. The one is a cell out of time buried into a static construction. An insentience, which was born into another one; offering resistance with its existence. Coincidental, an entity’s unconscious resistance.  If we continue our reflection on the meaning of chemical strangeness in the universe. Outsider to its own membrane an undeniable egg. Let the chilling effect of these thoughts so far create a cell in our consciousness. And with this emptiness, which was born let’s face to the first liaison we’ve conceived with it. And think to this strange, meaningless steadiness with the chemical reaction of our consciousness to transform into a motion and its evolution to sensory waves with persistent mechanism.

In this intrinsic reaction, appears the nature of a rhythm which insistently recurrent. Stiff forms becoming numb in a neural network, refers to an infinite universe. Structural frames hiding oddness of be able to do, sales under a nihilistic persona. Charged with the potential of an avalanche, the surface on which provocative signs appear in its silence. The phases and the process of perception of the disaster, stretches by freezing, turns into stages of an irreversible propagation. This volition of rhythm is a desire to inspirit, a radical revolt against motionless. In the reality of story there is no room for emptiness or curvature. Which distort it, is an inclination, which makes it move is only an inclination. As time grows approaches the intuition of a story which covers and darkens us, appears; with the burning smell of the element and its gloomy harmony.

Akın Aksu