Furkan 'Nuka' Birgün SupposeC.A.M Galeri29.11.2018 - 11.01.2019






29.11. 2018 – 29. 12. 2018


Toys are the objects of a world in which surreal stories are written and performed. Bought and packaged in magical shops, these toys which move the senses by colour, smell and texture have their own stories. In ‘Suppose’, these stories start in craftsman Metin’s shop which is known for handmade toys in a surreal neighbourhood called ‘Tatavla’. Flying balloons, wooden puppets, toy cars, hobby horses, steam locomotives, colourful puzzles, doll houses spring to life in this little shop by the imagination of craftsman Metin. Meeting their little buyers they begin a journey and head to new stories. Each of them becomes the main character of hundreds of games. The ones who are fond of Metin’s toys are not only the buyers but also little shoplifters who are hiding and waiting around the shop.


This exhibition which is about the toys created in craftsman Metin’s studio is a fantastic description of Tatavla (Kurtulus) which still exists with bay window houses, patisseries, public houses and gardens. Neighbour to Pera and Halic, Tatavla comes to life in each work including details going back to past. Besides narrow and steep roads, shops, studios and residents of this neighbourhood complete this story.


‘Suppose’ is like a reflection of Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün’s previous exhibitions which refer to Tatavla neighbourhood as well. Moreover it is a fantastic story that can be read as a comic book. Having references to childhood memories through toys, the exhibition gets the audience back in time and recall ‘supposing’ to mind. Assumption of living in this neighbourhood and having these toys in this world also associates with the toy chests in our childhood. Old memories and stories stored in subconscious revive at once.


“Suppose” can be viewed between the dates November 29th – December 29th 2018 in C.A.M. Galllery.


Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün, born in 1989, in Kurtuluş (Tatavla),He received his BA from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Industrial Design Department.He has actively involved in Street Art since 2008.Most recently, his works have been exhibited internationally in multiple street-art and illustration exhibitions.Nuka still continues to make illustrations in many magazines and fanzines.