Ayşe Öykü “Kaleidoscope”C.A.M Galeri15/02/2013 - 23/03/2013

C.A.M Gallery hosts “Kaleidoscope”, an exhibition by Ayşe Öykü from February 15 through March 23, 2013.

Ayşe Öykü presents her work around the question of “whether it is possible to play with the colors or what the rules of this game are supposed to be”. The artist positions her work far away from the chaotic atmosphere of the city; child-like, colorful figures and peaceful, natural spaces play the dominant role in the artist’s works.

While the artist shows the independent role of each color on her canvases, she believes in the power of contra colors that capture the viewer and form a bond that is both emotional and playful. According to Ayşe Öykü, figures either integrate with or resolve into nature due to this game of colors.

As if looking through a kaleidoscope, Ayşe Öykü manipulates her own imaginary colors with the colors of nature and proves the existence of the game in her works.